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“We must walk consciously only part of the way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success.” ~Henry David Thoreau

Going to therapy takes guts. Often, it takes a person, or couple, years to move from contemplating therapy to booking a first appointment. It’s not an easy or a passive process. What you get out of therapy is directly related to what you put into it.

This is why we founded Psychology In Depth. Over the course of working with hundreds of individuals and couples, we have been moved by the level of dedication and effort so many of our clients have put into their therapies. The personal triumphs we have seen in these cases are remarkable. So, we decided to start a practice that caters directly to clients seeking this kind of deeper, enduring change. And we will match your dedication with ours.

Because we believe the process of healing and recovery is also one of becoming and realising. Therapy is self-development at its most satisfying. It takes courage, effort, and, often, a leap of faith. But, if you are ready to give yourself the gift of therapy, we are here to take that leap with you.


Beyond her doctorate in clinical psychology, Alexandra has specialised experience in analytical & depth psychology, couples work, and performance psychology. She pairs her strong intellectual curiosity with personal warmth & humor. Alexandra’s creative use of evidence-based techniques helps her clients make enduring life changes.



Katie is an experienced Registered Psychologist who works with individuals, couples and organisations.  Katie has a warm and direct approach and uses evidence-based treatments to support her clients to gain a better understand of themselves, learn healthy and effective ways to respond to emotion and move forward in their lives.



Manualised “tools” and “protocols” can help relieve surface symptoms, but a deeper cure takes a deeper therapeutic relationship. At Psychology In Depth, no two treatments are the same. Human suffering might be universal, but every process of healing is unique. Because there’s only one you. Only one story like yours; one relationship like yours—one cure like yours. Why not begin now?


The Dymocks Building

Level 5, Suite 2

428 George Street

Sydney NSW 2000

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