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Dr. Alexandra Guhde
Clinical Psychologist

Alexandra is a doctor of clinical psychology, with over fifteen years’ experience. She brings a nuanced understanding of human behavior, a deep capacity for empathy, and a motivating energy to her work.


Comfortable with complexity, Alexandra specialises in depth work for adult individuals & couples, as well as educational training. She helps her clients shift into the growth mindset, and experience life’s challenges as opportunities for positive change.

Alexandra uses a variety of therapeutic styles in her work, including:

  • Psychoanalytic and analytical depth psychology;

  • Time-limited psychodynamic psychotherapy;

  • Narrative, systems & schema work;

  • and Gottman Method couples therapy.

Over the years Alexandra has enjoyed helping many high-performance professionals—women and men—including C-Level executives, directors, managers, and professional athletes.


Her extensive experience with pro tennis players, Olympians, and footy players, means Alexandra understands the pressures of performance and achievement. But, more importantly, she understands achievement doesn’t mean much without wholeness and healthy relationships.


Before making the choice to relocate to Sydney, Alexandra ran her own practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also served on the adjunct faculty at The Wright Institute, and spent five years as Director of Educational Programming at The C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco.

Alexandra holds a BFA in art and literature. It was in her former career, in advertising and brand-identity, that she first became actively interested in what drives human decision-making, and personal fulfillment.


Alexandra is most passionate about helping people learn to recognise and value aspects of themselves they might have been taught to reject or devalue, such as, vulnerability, sensitivity, or, even, power. Reclaiming these disowned facets of the Self is healing and enlivening.


She believes success is not the goal; it is a result—of dedication, hard work, and a meaningful process.

Clinical Fees: $305 per 50-minute Individual Session

$350 per 60-minute Couples Session

Alexandra Guhde, MAPsych, DClin



Katie Thorncraft
Registered Psychologist


Katie is a Registered Psychologist with over 10 years' experience who works with individuals, couples and within organisations.



Katie has a direct and warm approach and uses clear language without jargon.  Katie has many years’ experience and training in working with complex mental health issues including trauma, anxiety, stress, depression and substance abuse.  Katie also enjoys working with clients seeking to create a more meaningful, connected life and identify new directions.


Katie aims to help people to gain a clear understanding of their difficulties, learn new ways to relate to emotions (building self-regulation skills) and then use evidence-based tools to understand what’s not working and how to change it.


Katie works with individuals dealing with issues of trauma, anxiety and depression. Katie has a keen interest in helping people to develop their ability to better regulate their nervous system and her work is guided by cutting edge research on the critical role of emotional processing and regulation at the level of the body, including work on the Polyvagal Theory.


Katie is also specialised in working with couples, supporting them to work through and heal from difficulties, and build a healthy relationship together. Katie utilises Gottman Method Couples Therapy to help couples learn specific skills for relationship health.


Prior to working as a psychologist, Katie spent over a decade in the Financial Services industry and can support individuals exploring career related issues as well as working with organisations.



Katie’s goal is to create a safe environment for individuals and couples to talk, heal and grow.

Clinical Fee: $260 per 50-minute Individual Session

$285 per 60-minute Couples Session

Katie Thorncraft, BS, Assoc. MAPS

Registered Psychologist

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