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We provide a welcoming setting for individuals and couples to work through issues related to mental health, relationships, recovery, self-development, and career or life goals. Common themes we explore with our clients are listed below, but every treatment is a unique journey.  

Difficult experiences can be the beginning of new self-understanding and growth—Discover the Depth Difference. 


  • Anxiety, depression, trauma & addiction recovery

  • Stress management & self-care

  • Relationships & connection

  • Self-development 

    • Finding meaning, clarity, insight and creating change 

  • Self-acceptance & discovery

    • Identity, gender & sexuality 

  • Life & career transitions

  • Professional development 

  • Performance development 




  • Communication skills, connection & closeness

  • Emotional & physical intimacy

  • Recover from an affair or infidelity 

  • Increase conflict productivity

  • Dissolve power struggles

  • Appreciate difference

  • Parenting support

  • Grief & trauma support 

  • Co-parenting, separation & uncoupling support

  • Daylong intensive relationship recovery



  • Psychoeducation:

    • Relational wellbeing​

    • Life balance

    • Intrinsic motivation

    • Resilience & vulnerability

    • Self-care & performance

  • Organisational health

  • Group dynamics / experiential training 

  • Employee education & top-down training 

  • Post-redundancy coping skills

  • C-Level relationship & leadership coaching 


Medicare rebates are available for individual psychology treatment, but cannot be issued for couples work. You're welcome to use private health cover where applicable. We do not bulk bill. 

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